Thinking of selling my 2000 Ford Explorer - Guilford, CT

    It's been on my mind that I should go back to the Mustang Convertible of my youth. Maybe that's mid-life kicking in. Of course I'd have to explain myself to my wife. Perhaps the funds would be better spent on college education.

    Having a good SCORE demo

    We are looking at links from

    Hoping the thunderstorms hold off

    Though it would be nice to clear the humidity.

    Hoping to get the boat in this weekend

    With the first 90 degree day in the bag here in CT, it's time to put the heat on getting the boat in. For those of you that remember, a few months ago the boat was under the shed (photo below). Not in a "we've put the boat in the shed to protect it" sense, but in a "the shed blew up on the boat and destroyed it" sense. Destroyed is a little bit of an over-statement, but it means there is more work than cleaning the battery hookup.

    Testing subdomain syntax on Google Alerts

    I have been playing around with different Google Alerts syntax and customization based on this quick tutorial from Alert Rank. Within CloudProfile, we use a subdomain structure for basic profiles. For instance you can see my profile is But you can also use a primary domain like

    Therefore I've configured some Google Alerts using the link syntax as:



    I have not used the "-site:" operator to eliminate links within a site, so if the subdomain is working the first alert should pick up on the link in this article. If it doesn't, but the link to does get picked up, then I think the subdomain may be a problem.

    I'll report back on the results.

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